This section contains resources to support member SACREs in carrying out their work.

Most documents are provided in pdf format.
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The RETool (see SACRE Management), is in Word format.
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NASACRE support materials
  • NASACRE Development Plan
  • Upcoming vacancy for Treasurer of NASACRE
  • A joint statement from NASACRE and AREIAC in response to the advice of Dr Satvinder Juss advice re the High Court ruling on religious education (updated)
  • A New Settlement: Religion and Belief in Schools: The Rt Hon Charles Clarke and Prof Linda Woodhead's policy initiative and a briefing paper from NASACRE to support SACREs
  • RE Resources: an advice document on selecting resources and providers
  • Teaching Islam after the Charlie Hebdo murders and the Hyper Casher hostage deaths: a statement from NASACRE
  • Collective Worship Queries
  • Guidance on Managing the Right of Withdrawal from Religious Education produced on behalf of WASACRE
  • Example withdrawal advice
  • Is the system of Agreed Syllabuses collapsing?
  • 20+ ideas for SACREs to consider in their meetings
  • The writing of an Agreed Syllabus
  • Letter to SACREs from Lord Nash
  • RE and Academies leaflet
SACRE Management
  • SACRE chair
  • SACRE officers
  • Code of conduct
  • Dealing with SACRE member issues
  • SACRE membership follow up
  • Constitution
  • Development planning
  • Annual Reports – what is necessary and desirable in an annual report?
  • SACRE self evaluation tool - UPDATED JULY 2021
Effective SACREs: training and support
  • SACRE invitation to new members
  • SACRE members' handbook - an updated, expanded version of "So You're Joining Your Local SACRE"
  • About SACREs
  • Effective SACREs activity
  • Good SACRE member activity
  • Living out Shared Space
  • SACREs and collective worship
  • SACREs and religious education
  • RE activity
  • Agreed syllabus conference
  • SACREs and SMSC
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